Amazon made its name by fast order processing and free shipping option. Later Amazon introduced additional services, such as "Prime" and "Same Day Delivery", where for additional cost its customers get a chance to receive the order on the same day or within 2 business days. So now Amazon processes those "Prime" orders within a day or two leaving non-prime orders to wait. As a result, the processing times for free shipping orders grew to 4-7 business days. For years American retailers reserved extra long times for shipping blaming USPS and other carriers for poor performance. But with Amazon now it's the opposite: your free shipping order stays unprocessed for 4-5 days and then it gets delivered in a day or two, depending on how far your destination is from the closest distribution center.

I placed 2 orders through Amazon on the same day. One order was from the Amazon itself, another was from a third party seller. I chose free shipping option for both orders. Order from a third party seller was shipped the same day and successfully made it to my house 3 days later. Order placed with Amazon remained unprocessed for 4 business days. I even called Amazon for status update, but that didn't make much of a difference. San Antonio Fulfillment Center, where my order was supposed to be shipped from, did not have any plans for speeding up the process. And Amazon representatives kept bragging about the great "Prime" membership, which entitles me for free 2 days delivery. They couldn't explain how that 2 days delivery time would affect long processing time that I experience, but they continued their sales pitch. It is difficult to earn customer's trust, but easy to lose it.

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