I had the pleasure of again have to contend with Amazon's poor shipping policy. One year ago, I had purchased an item with an estimated delivery date. Lo and behold, it did not arrive by the estimated date. No, I was not compensated on any level despite speaking with those described as supervisors who actually knew just as little as their subordinates but were well versed in the art of diverting responsibility. I digress. Nonetheless, I gave up on that issue as it was an estimated date of arrival.

But upon speaking with the customer rep supervisor I was instructed to purchase Amazon Prime as they guaranteed 2 day delivery. How foolish I was to pay for that service but I did. I purchased an item with a GUARANTEED delivery date of 11/24/2015 at TIME OF PURCHASE with an accompanying email. Approx. 10 hrs later I received an email stating that a NEW GUARANTEED delivery date of 11/25/2015. Is that legal? Is that ethical? Those are rhetorical questions as guaranteed denotes a promise.in this case, a promise of delivery of service.

I contacted the customer service dept. But this time only wasted 10 min before I requested to speak with a supervisor. I was told, "Well, there is nothing I can do about changing the shipping date as it is in transit." I asked for him to make an effort to rectify the situation and contact the shipper.interestingly, the product had yet to leave the facility. Hmm? And with great enthusiasm he comments, "It is guaranteed to arrive in two days once received by the shipper." Why am I not surprised?

Why does our government allow big business the legal right to cheat their consumers? Why is McDonald's liable for meeting my demands at the time of payment for service when Amazon is not held to the same standards? I don't pay for a burger today and get it tomorrow. It's a silly analogy but I'm sure the point is well taken. Wake up America and stop allowing this to happen by purchasing goods that support entities such as Amazon. They just lost another consumer. Hello Overstock, Wayfair and eBay. Thanks for your commitment to service!

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