I order on Amazon, books, toys for grandchildren, printer ink, phone batteries, nothing else, obvious from my order history. One day an order of Visine shows up in my mail. My wife and I both wear contact lenses, you cannot use Visine, it is not recommended. If I wanted Visine I would go to local store and order generic, not $6.23 bottle online. The company had my order, obviously, though I did not place it, at least knowingly. Amazon has a one-click order option I had activated by ordering free ebooks on my phone. It, unknown to me, activated that option on all my devices, as in the PC at home where I order all my online money purchases. I have alerted Amazon to this problem.

Maybe that is how this order occurred through my PC, or when these things pop up when you order something saying other people have ordered this when they ordered what you ordered and six things pop up for you to add to you order, I don't know exactly how, because I did not knowingly order Visine, but it happened. But it was also obvious it was a mistaken order. A decent company would see that and send you a prepaid postage label but not Pharmapacks, they send you a return label, but you have to put the postage on it. I went through the extensive process of trying to get the problem resolved to my satisfaction, i. E. A prepaid postage return label. Parmapacks sent back same computer generated response over and over and finally said file a A-Z complaint with Amazon, almost as if saying "screw you we are not going to make this right."

If I had ordered from this company ever or had ordered even one item like Visine, I could not make this complaint, at least not in good faith, but it is obvious this is a mistake, mostly not of my doing. But Pharmapacks is not interested in future customer relations with me. They have nothing to worry about there. I want simply to warn everyone of these two situations that could cost you time and money. The Amazon one-click order option and Pharmapacks return policy of "You don't like it, you want to return it, no problem, buy the stamps and lick them and stick them on the package and go to the post office and return it, that's all on you customer!" I am sure they have some satisfied customers but if this happened to me it has happened to others. Just think twice about ordering from Pharmapacks if you like to be able to return things free.

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