My name is Sharon Tackett. A few days I was setting up an order. A pretty hefty one I might add. I decided I would wait to send the order on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Low and Behold I sent the order! I called the number and talked to a very pleasant person telling her what I had done. She said she would cancel the order and not to worry. I also asked her to go ahead with one of the items since I noticed the price going up. Well this is just a few days later and the order starts arriving from different directions. I called the line again and Agmahamed's wife answered. I am positive she did not understand what I was talking about. She would contact each company and they would have to send me a return slip. Was able to cancel one item but all the rest were shipped. Therefore I need to be here when they are delivered so they can be denied and sent back. I need to send back the three items I received today when I get the return slip. Black Friday is next week!!! So I will be ordering the items I am mailing back just so I can get my Black Friday discounts? Does anyone know where I am coming from? I am so mad that I accidentally ordered this too soon! But I am mad at Amazon for lying to me saying it was taken care of. I think I will start ordering from that new company… Jet?

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