This is about the "New" Amazon delivery system AMZL_US. I've been buying from Amazon for more than twenty years without a problem, now in two weeks I had three deliveries issues with two packages, from banging my house door and screaming like a madman, not leaving the package at the from door as I instructed and finally delivering the package to the wrong address. Every time I chat and call Amazon Costumer Service, and all I get is "Sorry", it won’t happen again", "We will pass your issue to the right department and keep you updated with the solutions”, but nothing happens.

When several times I asked where I can write a review for the delivery system, it’s always the same answer: "We don't have such a service". I paid for prime, because it used to be a good deal, but now that delivery is so unreliable. I don't need it anymore. I don't want apologies or excuses what I want are my items on time. By the way, delivery is my only issue with Amazon. Other than that, everything is fine.

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