Amazon's main "amazonsmile" website has, directly under its main search box, a link to the charity you have chosen for its "smile" donation program starting with the word "Supporting:".

When one uses the mouse to place the cursor in the main search box and removes one's hands from the mouse to type your search the slightest movement of the mouse hits the smile box and removes the cursor from the search box making a search impossible without going back again. THIS IS BAD PROGRAMMING OF THE WEB PAGE and there is no way to point this out to amazon. No way to notify the webmaster by email or a place on their highly structured site.

There are many links on this page and the only one with this irritating action is within several millimeters of the main search box. Stupid programming and even worse that there is no way to point it out to amazon.

I have made well over 300 purchases on this site and must put up with this time consuming poor behavior of the site each time. It takes at least twice as long to make a purchase and is even more irritating when there is no way to point out to them their problem. I am sure they will correct the problem if they ever read this as it hurts them and is an irritation to their customers. It is just bad policy that they have no way on their website to point out problems other than purchased product defects.

Whoever at Amazon has the last say on the site design must not purchase much at "amazonsmile" or they would have discovered the problem themselves long ago.

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