My husband and i took my little one whom was overly excited to go on a boat ride for the first time as we were celebrating her 4th birthday, yes a very exciting day planned and we decided to use AMD CHARTERS which turned out to be the worst mistake of my life the owner and indian lady (name unknown ) was the most unprofessional person i have ever encountered she insulted shouted at us made racist comments about us being indians even though she was one, she tried to rob us of half of the money we paid saying her company has terms and conditions and refusing to give us back our money that we paid already when she couldnt provide a service to us because she didnt have enough customers to take her boat out . it was awful the way she spoke and screamed and spoilt my childs experience her staff where nice polite people all we wanted was our money back so we could use another boating service as she was making us wait and without any word or agreements she tried to force us into paying the full amount and yet cut the time of the ride. we dis agreed why should we pay full price and have our time cut after waiting 45 mins to accommodate her . it was ridiculous all we wanted was to take our money leave an use another boating service . she was ranting and raving making a huge scene claiming she has a right to take half of our money! why? it wasnt our fault she didnt have enough customers . And i am not suprised as too why this is so . i would NEVER EVER recommend anyone to ever use their services you can not treat a customer they way we were treated creating an embarrassing scene as such! we ended up leaving and using Isle of Capri such excellent service we received from everyone there was amazing thank God as i was so upset to have my child disappointed after our experience with AMD CHARTERS!

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