I had the worst customer service experience yesterday at the tuscola il American eagle outlet. I had bought a shirt at another American eagle location while on vacation, I wore it to work the day I got back and was informed that there was a hole in the seam of the sleeve, as soon as I got home that night I took the shirt off and looked to see if it was something that I could sew, it was not. The seam of the shirt was crooked and it was clearly a manufacturer defect. At the point I could not find my receipt, I did however find the tag. I took the shirt with the tag into the tuscola store and KINDLY explained my exact experience to the manager Keirsten, she immediately told me that she could not return exchange or credit the shirt. She told me that it is American eagle return policy, and she could not do anything for me because I had taken the tag off and worn it. Up until this point I was so kind, but I knew that this was not the case so I argued with her, I showed her the hole and explained that if It could be sewn I would have. I explained to her how much money I spend with her company I questioned "what if I can find the recipt?" She continued to tell me in a very rude manner that there is nothing she can do for and that she can do investigating to see that this shirt had been worn, basically accusing me of abuse to the clothing. She also in her rude explanation said "I'm sorry I understand that our merchandise is probably really expensive for you." And "the only thing I can do is tell you to check everything before you buy it to protect yourself and make sure you are getting your money's worth." to wrap all of this up I walked out of the store, immediately called the champaign il store and told them about how I had bought the shirt in Chicago, wore it, found a hole, and before I could even finish my sentence she said oh yeah bring it on in and we'll get that exchanged for you, I said, even with out a recipt and she said yes that no problem. I went the store that night, showed her the shirt and told her about the way I was treated by the MANAGER at the tuscola store, she told me that is ridiculous, and that any American eagle can do an exchange without a recipt, without a tag, and whether it had been worn or not. Needless to say I will not be shopping at American eagle in tuscola il again.

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