1st, they required a $300 deposit. My average monthly bill is about $40. When asked if there was another way around the deposit since I had just moved and quite literally could not afford it, they said that was the minimum fee and there was nothing else they could do. I had a medical emergency for a member of my family and was late on the payment. I paid the bill in the morning that I was paid and they turned off the power later that day. They then charged me a $50 fee to reinstate the electricity. They had a deposit. They had my payment. They had a deposit that FAR exceeded the amount due on the bill. It would be nice to know what the purpose of the deposit is.

Also, I saw on their website that they would accept proof of making payments on utility bills for one year from a different company instead of a deposit. I asked them about this specifically and they told me no. I have only spoken to one person who was not incredibly rude in all of the conversations I have had with the company. They are the only electric company available for my address. I believe they behave however they wish because of this and it is not acceptable behavior. I don't understand how this is not in violation of monopoly laws.

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