I was a long time customer of American Express for over 20 years. I had gold and platinum for business, and a gold personal card. in 2008 when business were not doing good, they closed my business account. i think i owed them less then 3K. my business account was incorporated. my personal card was my own, but because my fICO score went down they closed my account without any notice. I had over 110K points, and lost them as a result of them closing the card. i worked really hard to get those points, spent lots of money with them, and felt it was very unfair that I did not get my points, or at least be able to cash them out. i owed my personal account a zero balance. i don't understand how a company could do that, so i called, and wrote them a letter, but never got anywhere, as they said it was there right and policy that because the account was closed they could keep the points and not pay them out. how can this happen. it still bothers me and it is now 2016. i really was pissed off about how they could do this and figured if it happened to me, it probably happened to so many other people. i know i should let it go, but i am still pissed that i owed them nothing on my card, had 110K+ points, and they could close my account without any notice. probably nothing i could do now about it because it is 2016, but i think that is fraud. i spent that money with them to get those points, and those points were rightfully mine to do with what i wanted or cash them out. i never thought they would close my account if i owed them nothing, so why would i cash them out? wish there was a class action suit on them as i know they must have done this to so many people like me. that could have been a free first class ticket to euro, or a thousand bucks if i cashed it out. any suggestions?

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