In September of 2015 I got mail solicitation from American Express Jet blue card offering to me 20 000 points with Jet Blue airways if I open this card and have $1000 spend in 3 month. I called to AE and they confirmed on 09/11/15 that I will get 20 000 points if I open card, so I did on 09/14/15. After I spent few hundred dollars I chat on my account site and was confirmed I will get 20 000 points as promised by someone named "sonny". I was trying copy and paste chat but was not able. When I asked Sonny I was told that every conversation will be stored for 18 month.

So after I spent $1000.00 dollars I contacted AE again but this time was told I will not get 20 000 as I was "returned customer". When I pointed on previous chat I was hung up upon. Second guy, I think, "Tom" promised to find out but never did. Ever-since I am trying to get answer why I am being told to wait. Is it normal practice for credit card to cheat up on customers? Please help.

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