American Home Shield just dropped me like a hot potato!!! At the end of my contract, I was told that I had used my policy too much. I've had American Home Shield for about 5 years and while I've not always been happy with them, I'm an elderly, disabled woman and I can't do the repairs myself. And it was cheaper and easier than trying to find reputable repairmen to deal with. Over the years, I have had plumbing, hvac, pool, dryer, and electrical work. I also had to have a new refrigerator. It was my understanding that is what these policies are for. When I complained, they told me there was another policy they would allow me to purchase for a lot more money. Evidently, they do this to people on a regular basis and have a back-up policy. No, thank you American Home Shield. You are expensive enough already. I live in a rural area and it is difficult to find a company that has coverage out here but I hope I can find another one.

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