I had put in a request on 10/28/15 for a slow water-leak from a water-softener. The plumbing company was supposed to contact me within 24 hours but did not. I called them subsequently and they came out and ordered some PVC parts and corrected the problem within 2 weeks of the initial call — not acceptable to me. I had to call AHS customer service to email them in the interim as the plumber would not return my calls.

24 hours after the repair job, the water-softener started leaking and I called the plumber again and was told to call AHS for a new dispatch. The leak was from the new PVCs that the incompetent plumber had installed; AHS sent a dispatch to the same plumber. The PVC pipe broke and within 3 hours the water was flowing like a fountain in the garage. I switched the main off and called AHS and was unable to get any help. They said that the plumber should call me within 24 hours and that they could not guarantee if anyone would call me in the AM.

After going back and forth, the supervisor agreed to leave a msg. For the plumber that the leak had worsened. Next day was a Saturday and no one followed thru or called to come and rectify the problem. I have since corrected the leak by calling an emergency plumber and paying out of pocket. I will be filing a complaint separately against the plumbing company. I will cut my ties with AHS. The Representatives that I have talked to are unhelpful. They are not willing to make exceptions to pay someone to come in on a weekend or in the case of emergency. They do not follow-up with a customer as me and do not care about the quality as well speed of service. The quality of the contractors that I have used for electrical, plumbing and A/C has been below par.

I have sent emails to AHS making them aware of the above but have had no acknowledgement. I believe that the contractors in my area do not give priority to working with AHS. I believe a homeowner should be made aware of the problems that they may encounter with AHS.

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