I have been a customer of American Home Shield for at least ten years and I have always considered it a valuable service, until recently.

I have a slab leak in my garage. I called AHS who sent a company out to evaluate the problem, the man looked at the stain on the drywall in the garage and the water saturated landscaping directly above where the main water line goes into the foundation and somehow determined that the leak was outside the home.

I dug a hole where the saturated landscape was down to the water pipe. You could feel the water flowing out of the conduit that runs through the slab, telling me that the leak was inside of the slab itself.

I contacted my mortgage warranty company who sent out a Leak Detection company to determine where the problem was. The report was conclusive that the leak was indeed in the slab. I called AHS back who said that they would cover that but they would need to send their own leak detection company out. I agreed. The second company that came out, looked at the stained drywall in the garage, looked in the hole which was of course now filled with water and said that he couldn't be sure where the leak was. I told him if he got down on his knees and felt the pipe, he would realize that the leak was inside the slab. This plumber, Sam was complaining the whole time about having to do this but did and confirmed that the water was coming out of the conduit; in his report to AHS however, he stated that the leak was outside the home. AHS never called me back, just closed the case. I had to call to find out the status, when I did, I was told of the report of the second company and the claim denied. I was also told that I owed a past due service fee of $75.00 for the second plumber. Why is there a second second service fee if the problem was never taken care of?

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that one would call me back.in the mean time, I offered to send the leak detection report to AHS for confirmation that the leak was in the slab and both companies that AHS sent out were incorrect. I was given an email address of [email protected] to send the report to and did so immediately. I waited two days, called AHS back and was told that they never received the report and that no note was ever made that I wanted a supervisor to call me. I re-sent the report to the above email address.

I asked for a supervisor again and was told that because it was a Saturday, no one was available. I told the operator that I was tired of dealing with this and really needed to get it taken care of, the operator told me that she could make no promises but she would see if she could get one to call me back that day.

Later that day while at work, Supervisor Andre called me and I missed the call by about 2 minutes. I called him right back but got his voice mail. I left a detailed message and waited. Two days later supervisor Andre called me back, I explained everything to him again and offered to re-send the report. He told me he would look into it and call me back in "a few minutes", this few minutes turned into a week, still never hearing from him. Over the next week or so, I tried to call supervisor Andre multiple times, always got his voice mail and NEVER received a call back from him.

Finally, disgusted, I called AHS back and requested to speak to a supervisor immediately citing the shoddy treatment that I had received during this whole fiasco. I was put on hold for a good 20 minutes while I waited for a supervisor to come on the line; when she did, I explained my situation (for what seemed like the 10th time) and she made a comment that Andre was usually pretty good about these things. I told her that I just wanted this taken care of. She told me that my case was under review and that I would be called in a day or two with a decision. I had contacted the Better Business Bureau by this time because AHS had dragged their feet on this problem for over three months and I was really disgusted. No one from AHS called me back and so two days later I called them yet again and was told that according to their motes, I was contacted by them and that I had agreed to a cash payout of $500.00. Again AHS NEVER called and discussed any of this with me.

I contacted a reputable plumber in my area and was told that it would cost $3,600 to fix this issue.

I have recommended AHS over the years to several friends and now thoroughly regret that decision. It is obvious to me that you care not at all about your customers.

Someone needs to look into this in earnest and also to remove this ridiculous overdue $75.00

service fee that should never have been tacked on to my account. The problem that was closed by you on 9/25, is the exact same problem that I called about on 11/22, it was never taken care of in the first place and never should have been closed.

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