Last year I had a problem with my heating unit. It needed a part that could be purchased downtown in Charlotte, but apparently American Home Shield had an arrangement with a their own distributor so I had to wait two weeks without heat. I complained to an AHS supervisor and was told that there was nothing AHS could do, other than pay for a space heater (under a $100), if I wanted to purchase one. Our house is over 3000 square feet. I explained this, but to no avail.

This year I had a problem with a leaking refrigerator. They assigned a GE contractor to look at it. Three days later, after leaving a message with the GE contractor (the contractor only has an answering service) GE didn't show. I called AHS and they assigned another contractor, and when I asked if they could talk to the contractor to see if the service could be expedited, I got an affirmative no. So, it looks like it will take 5 days to look at my refrigerator, and then it's anyone's guess how long to fix it. AHS needs to think seriously about customer service.

From an outsider's view, the company is poorly managed. With a call from AHS to a local distributor the heating problem last year could have been immediately addressed, and it really wouldn't have cost the company that much more. And it would have been the right thing to do to please a "valued customer, " to use AHS's words. And this year, a simple call to the GE contractor about not contacting a client would have been the way to handle things, but their policy is to simply assign a new contractor without any follow through with the GE contractor (at least that was my take on it). Then I was told they could not give the new contractor a call to explain that their customer has been waiting three days for service and AHS would appreciate it if they could get a service person out as soon as possible. It just seems no one is running the show at AHS, other than their computers and their robot-like staff who simply deliver pat answers.

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