Like most middle class people, my husband and I work very hard to maintain a living. We're not rich by any means so we can't afford high-end purchases just for the sake of splurging. But when it comes to quality, we make the sacrifice. That's exactly what we thought we were getting when we spent around $600 for a Beautyrest mattress at American Signature Furniture less than 3 years ago but unfortunately, we got dooped! Yes, dooped!

These days, we barely get any rest on our mattress which has shifted dramatically to one side and is now lopsided shape but worst of all, developed a sinkhole about 2-3 inches deep! Contact the store or company about 10-year warranty, you say? Done. Technician came out, took pictures, and even commented himself on how damaged the mattress looked but as it turns, store refuses to replace it.instead, they tell us that they can see the damage and are putting our claim on hold until we can have the mattress cleaned! Asked if they can refer us to a place and they were clueless. But still, we found a company that will do the work for $125!

Well, no thank you because the store did not guarantee anything in terms of replacing the mattress so we're possibly looking at being out $725 behind this crappy mattress! What a waste of money! Please do not make the same mistakes that we did by either buying a Beautyrest mattress or shopping at American Signature Furniture!

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