Ordered a sofa, great tufted style. The cushions were a little stiff but thought they would soften as they got older. Within 3 months, the sofa cushions started to slant to the back. You sit on them and you sink back. I kept readjusting the cushions, pushing them up tight against the back of the sofa, rotating them, turning them over and nothing worked. Then in between the sofas THAT started to give way. Now when I sit on the sofa, the cushion gives enough that my butt sinks and my legs are a lot higher than they should be and if I sit anywhere near where the two cushions meet in the middle I sink between them. I weigh 150 lbs so these are horribly made. NEVER AGAIN WILL I buy from this company. I've had the sofa a little over year and I'm calling 1800-junk to get rid of it.in the past I've bought a sofa at IKEA that held up WAY better than this heap of junk.

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