Well first of all you should ask America's to be fair and accurate! I go to help my friend get glasses on the pretense of 69.00 dollars for two pair of glasses and this is where I find that they are false advertising and then bait and switch. Now after the eye exam we are informed the total will be almost 400.00 dollars to get lenses that don't look like the bottom of a coke bottle. I complain and they do some hocus pocus b. S. And they reduce the price to about 165.00 dollars for one pair of glasses and stupidly I paid it.

Now I learn it will take seven to ten days before my friend will receive them. So we wait and then I start calling only to be told over and over they aren't in yet. Then we get an employee that says they have unopened boxes of eyeglasses that people need but 4 days later no boxes of glasses have been opened. My friend is damn near blind and badly needs his glasses but do they care I say apparently not. I would give them a large negative and would never and I mean never recommend them or buy anything from America's Best contacts and eyeglasses for as long as I live.

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