I bought from here, asked them for something reliable cause my son has a lot of health problems. Drove off the lot and it stalled in the middle of the hwy. They said they would fix it no problem. It was problem after problem, repair after repair at my expense. Then I was making payments and had to get another car from somewhere else and my son was in the hospital after being airlifted and almost died. I told them I'd be in when I could. They showed up at my door demanding an exact time when I could be there. I said he had just gotten home last night, "I'll be there when I can, " and told them to leave over 3 times. Oh have I mentioned I was only 4 days late. They sent a tow truck 30 min later and took the car and called a hour later and said my payment was still due and I was still responsible for it and she said she was from corporate.

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