It's been almost a month when my husband was hit by a person that has an Ameriprise insurance. Clearly the person was at fault and this person even agreed that he was at fault. My husband was at the right of way and this person was merging onto the road. We have AAA as our auto insurance and went thru them to get out car fixed. Of course I had to pay my deductible but knew I would get it back since we weren't at fault. We received one call from Ameriprise asking for a statement. It took several weeks and phone call to finally reach someone from Ameriprise and they claim that it sounds like their client was not at fault. The impact on our car was on the right passenger side while their clients was on the front. The Ameriprise representative was rude and said that they will work on the claim.

Several weeks had gone by, AAA as well called us to get a status update and the person handling our case said the they have been untraceable and "out sick" and will come in just to specifically work on our case. A couple week later we get a letter from AAA stating that their Subrogation Dept is now handling out case and that they will attempt to recover my deductible and this process can take months. Ameriprise is a bunch of crooks that just drags their feet when they clearly know their client was at fault. Shame on them from running a business this way. And SHAME in Costco for offering their services. They are the most unethical company I ever came across. Ameriprise is one of the reason why we as American citizens get screwed. I'm paying so much for insurance. Ameriprise if you have any morals you should look at how you run your business. You are screwing a lot of hard working Americans!

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