I received a call from Mike after requesting an online refi review. Originally I was going to stick with my current mortgage co, however after speaking with Mike I felt that his refi package was better. What a mistake I made! Initially he was contacting me via phone and email up to the point of underwriting. Communication ended abruptly on 11/13 after he contacted me via email indicating my debt to income ratio was too high. Keep in mind all documents were discussed and all finances and debts were disclosed up front. They even changed my mortage clause for my homeowners insurance to Amerisave. The loan processor David is the only one that will respond and he has forwarded my request for a response to Mike so he stated. My file is still showing active on line without any additional information.

I have emailed customer service. I have called and complained to the receptionist to forward my concerns to Mike manager. I have contacted a Mr., Mike's manager and left a vm. Still no response. I am appalled at the horrendous, customer service and Amerisave. I am planning on contacting FannieMae and MBA as I feel that I was rushed to have an appraisal done and to get the documents sent back and now I have been ignored completely. If there were any issues with my income or the information I verbally provided then it should have been stated prior to me paying $435 for the appraisal and wasting my time with this farce of a company. I will make sure that the companies that are backing Amerisave be made aware of the fraudulent and inconclusive loan processes.

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