My experience is sounding like many other I have read on this lender. I will update my review as appropriate. The good and the bad. A couple of weeks ago a Loan Originator at AmeriSave named Kelly called me on a refi request I put through LendingTree.initially she seemed very knowledgeable and helpful. She was downright charming. She quoted me a loan rate and we began starting a loan application over the phone. During the process she suggested we inflate the home value before the appraiser came out. She was very responsive to my calls and emails. The appraiser, whom they selected, low balled the heck of the appraisal. The loan was not dead.

I have a great credit score, decent income and cash on hand. I was trying to refi a 1st and 2nd mortgage. Since the original loan as it was written wouldn't fly. I suggested we refi the 1st mortgage and convert the 2nd into a home equity line of credit. My main objective was to reduce the interest rate of the 2nd. She said she would look into it and get back to me. It's been 3 days and she has not responded to any of my calls or emails. I've sent several per day.

In the meantime, on the day the appraisal came in I get an email from Kristen, who is Kelly's assistant and was going to help with the remaining documents I needed to submit. Kelly had entered my middle initial incorrectly. So, I had to manually scratch out the wrong initial, correct and mail back the signed documents (Priority Mail). It was easier than scanning over 30 documents and then uploading them in their portal. I told Kristin I could not sign the 4065T because it had the incorrect initial. She said she would email me a corrected form right away. It's been 3 days and I haven't received the form. I emailed and called her twice since then. Like Kelly, she is not responding to my emails or calls.

About the same time or the day after I spoke to Kelly about the next steps for the loan, I get an email from Katherine, a loan processor. She emails saying she is going to review my documents and may request additional documentation or resends of the documentation I sent previously. I mentioned to her the situation regarding the 4065T. No response.

Today, I included all of them saying I'm trying to get a status of where we are in the loan process, I still haven't got a corrected 4965T and will someone please call me. Nada. I can't say I have been scammed from the $420 appraisal, yet. I will let this play out and see where it goes. The scary thing is my experience is very similar to those I have read here on Consumer Affairs and well as Yelp! Stay tuned. If anyone can provide any insight or perhaps suggest if I need to seek legal advice, please feel free.

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