Hi Joachim
This is what I posted on your site:

I own a company in Pinetown and I had a customer looking for a truck engine back in November 2015. We found AMT on the internet and called them to found out if they had the engine we were looking for. We were advised by Belinda de Beer that they had one for us. We requested pictures of the engine to be sent to us to ensure that it was indeed the correct one. This was done by Belinda and we were advised that we needed to pay a deposit for the engine as she had several other clients wanting the same engine. We paid a deposit and by December 2015 we had paid the full amount of R95, 760.00. We were told that the engine would be delivered within a few days.After a few days, we phoned back to find out where the engine was and were told by Belinda that unfortunately the delivery company had closed for Christmas and that the engine would be delivered on the 11th of January 2016. We then waited until that date and then phoned again, only to be told that they had pressure tested the engine and that there was a fault with it but not to worry, they had another one that they would be sending shortly. After another week or so of waiting, we were then told that there was a problem with the second engine as well and they were trying to source another one.
By this stage, my customer was getting desperate as his truck was out of action and he was losing out financially and requested his money back. We received an email from Belinda and a phone call from Samantha de beer advising that a full refund would be processed within 15 days. We waited the required period only to then be told that Samantha was out and was the only one that could process the refund. This carried on for several months whereby they would phone us and confirm that the refund would be processed only for us to wait and no refund was ever received. We then opened a case with Pinetown Police station and am still waiting for our money. You can contact me on 0797430471 if you need any other information. This has been detrimental to my business and am desperate to set things right. My CAS number is 433/3/2016

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