Potential customers of the Andean Secrets of Sustainable Living 2017 Tour with Gregg Braden should be aware that the company operating this tour is indeed Power Places Tours.

Power Places Tours have a long history of abuse, ripping people off, desecrating the sacred sites, SLAPPing people, harassing and stalking whistleblowers, ignoring Court Judgments (leaving people with 5 figure financial losses) and misleading its customers with deceptive contracts.

The same company also gouges additional money out of people by way of adding on questionable surcharges (claiming airline fuel fees) but is in reality pure cheating of additional monies (under threat of loss of deposit if one does not pay the additional money).

The evidence is conclusive on the internet, and also points to Gregg Bradens involvement. There are also concerns around Gregg Bradens impropriety including harassment of travellers, abuse and other conduct unbecoming of a transformational speaker.

In addition, Gregg Bradens press office were informed of the concerns on many occasions, and rather than to show ethical responsibility, Rita Curtis (The Events Manager) and Lauri Willmott (The Executive Director) simply hid the tours from his main website and used companies such as Power Places Tours that were happy to operate under different names to mislead customers, and were happy to continue doing so

They also presumably instructed them to hide the tours from their main website front end, so they could operate their tours in secret (so that people could continue to be abused, cheated, harmed and caused losses).

The aforementioned managers of Gregg Bradens operations also ignored very significant evidence of cheated fans being caused losses, and showed no interest in making good at all, and instead tried (albeit unsuccessfully) to hide the matter from the public and continue the abuse on the quiet.

Thus it is fair to say that the aforementioned lend a helping hand (with full knowledge and awareness) to those who abuse, bully and cheat their customers) and thus their own integrity is clearly in question.

The business address on the Andean Secrets of Sustainable Living new website is very unlikely to be correct, for the operators live in St Croix, and thus there is little recourse if there is a problem, for they operate outside of the jurisdiction of the BBB, and walsh on Court Judgments against them anyway.

The internet shows how Power Places Tours have caused people very significant losses indeed and people are advised to not use this company, or any other website masquerading as another company. In the case of the latter, one would have to read the small print to even find out the company is Power Places Tours.

The same company also threatened a Spiritual Master with jail and also had whistleblowers stalked, threatened, and lied about in Court filings, in order to obtain additional money by way of abusive SLAPPs.

Power Places Tours and Andean Secrets of Sustainable Living (run by Theresa Weiss to offer tours with Gregg Braden) are a menace to all that is good and wholesome, and will cheat you out of money.

People are advised to be very careful and not to use the company at all.

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