Renewal By Andersen Windows – This company likes to scam its customers into buying overpriced windows. They had a minivan full of kids walking around, at night, knocking on doors convincing people they need to replace their windows. I was concerned with one window but the young man convinced me to let them look at all of my windows. Then I had to talk to a customer service rep on the phone and a supervisor just to get the appointment. Just setting up the appointment alone was annoying. They won't give me a price or ball park figure over the phone because the cost of these windows is ridiculous. The cost to replace 6 windows in my home was close to $30k. I guess this is why they refused to come out unless me and my wife agreed to sit thru a 90-minute high pressure sales pitch. It was a complete waste of our time, my wife is very busy and they insisted.

After that they harassed us for two months straight trying to reschedule another appointment. We finally broke down and let them come back out. This time they offered us the exact same windows for 50% cheaper. Why didn't they just offer that to me the first time? Even 15k was way too much! Some friends of ours also had them come by and they experienced the same thing. Its obvious they're more interested in overcharging their customers than helping them. The sales rep told me that the price he was giving me was the lowest price possible. Then two days later someone's calling me to offer the same windows for 50% off.

Everyone should just act like they're not interested and then wait for them to offer it to you for half the price. Considering how much they harassed us, they will call you. I refuse to do business with companies that play games like this. I had to go through way too much just to get a quote for some windows.

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