All Asphalt Maintenance, Ann Arbor, no came out. For estimate, concrete to asphalt quoted 6800, wanted 4000 right on spot. And wanted me to rent equipment, jack hammer, and generator for him as he said he didn't have credit card or couldn't rent from local rental. Started busting concrete one day. Second day, asked him for insurance and permit, got nasty and said I should have asked the first day. He left job, told his two workers to stop without having paperwork. Also going, he cashed the check while I was at the rental company and he got 4000 and never came back. Had to find another to finish busting and removing the approach. Cost another 6000 for that.

This contractor has been terminated with HomeAdvisor and as a courtesy, they refunded 1500. The contractor is a known and has judgments against him. AngiesList has him currently and we made a complaint to them. Someone needs to blacklist Steven and Marie or Ava as they go by many names. The Attorney General and BBB have also been contacted.

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