After 30 Years being in Microsoft world and as a software Engineer, I decided to switch from my Thinkpad to Macbook Pro (Should've listened to the friends). After doing some blog research I decided to purchase my first apple from BH Photo Video of New York who supposed to be "Apple Authorized Retailer". The date of purchase was 11/30/2014. The experience was ok from here and there until last couple of months it started giving overheating issue that I can't keep it on my lap. So searched for nearest service location which came to be pretty far. Showed up there today to check the device in and much to my surprise they said it's out of warranty and they can't do anything and I have to settle this with Apple. Coming back I called up Apple support, the first executive asked for my serial number and said it's out of warranty. I explained my purchase from and date and after a while she said, "Let me forward you to the agreement department."

Utmost Bitter Experience – Agreement department asked me about all the details and I offered her to send the invoice as well, she said no need and she could see my purchase and fixed the data in the system. Then she started saying this can happen time to time, since I didn't purchase from Apple directly. Well I didn't know apple wants us to purchase only from the apple store, then why all these "Authorized Retailers"?? She also said BH photo video purchase the item from Apple on July 14 so warranty ends in July 15.
My question was from an end customer perspective I am not supposed to know those details and nor get informed. Without even listening she said, "If you have anything to say go for the feedback forum (" Then I asked, "I don't see any suitable option to put my feedback on." And her reply was, "I do not create those pages, " and also added, "I went out of my job to fix the date for you, " and gave me a feeling that she did me a favor not asking me the invoice sending to apple which as I told in the beginning I only offered her. When I tried to tell her she is not doing any favor, she just hung up on me. I am a gadget lover and with all the gadgets around me never ever ever had this bad experience and never expected this to come from Apple.

Now I am not sure whether I spend more money for extended warranty. Or move away from Apple completely. Should've done some more research about the customer experience before making $2000 investment on laptop. Please feel free to let me know if you need any further information, feel free to give me a call at and I can share experience in more detail.

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