After paying over $1,000 for an IPhone 6 Plus with 128gb I found out that what Apple actually handed to me in a box was only an IPhone 6 Plus with 64gb. When I called Apple's customer service number that tech required that I provide the serial number, which he used to go to their "records" and he told me that I only have an IPhone 6 Plus with 64gb. I requested a reservation at the Apple store in Pentagon City Mall. The tech told me that he scheduled an appointment for me to visit the store at 2:10 pm on November 13. He also said that I would, "in a few seconds", receive an email, regarding the appointment, from Apple.

The email was never sent and I checked spam/confirmed that the correct email address was used. I also asked for the name of the store's manager but the Apple tech said that he couldn't find it, which is definitely a bunch of bull. After working with computers since 1982 and the numerous bad Apple experiences I've had/heard My suggestion is to Never buy Anything from Apple.

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