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I had recently purchased an I Phone 6 as an upgrade from Vodafone from Iphone 4. I had some problems, I could not post photos onto FB, and I could not post a couple of news apps to FB, it took several calls to rectify the problem, all but the last of the level 2 technicians were worse than hopeless and 2 did not return promised calls. Finally a smart chap called Jesse in their Austin, TX office knew right away what the problem was and solved it. As for the rest, worse than useless! In fact appalling, one weird guy in their NE England office refused to tell me which city is was in as I wanted to speak to someone in the same office as my previous call. They have support offices in Greece, Portugal, NE England, Ireland and Austin and maybe more places. This person said "for security reasons he could not tell me which city he was in" to which my retort was "how come all your other colleagues told me where they are located, i. which city, not the exact street address, are you working for Apple or the CIA?" Pathetic. Poor awareness of what turned out to be a simple problem at the level 2 technician is inexcusable. Not calling me back, once from England and once from Greece-also short, apart from this helpful, tuned in and laterally-thinking guy in Austin, TX by the name of Jesse worse than appalling in fact.

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