Eleven months ago I paid $3,000 for a new MacBook Pro, my 22nd Apple product since my 1979 Apple II. (35 years of loyalty). My experience with Apple Care and Apple's Reston VA store since then, has been and still is a horror story to fill a book. I have (1) lost between 200 and 400 of my own hours (on phone and repairing interim damages caused), (2) documented 24 grueling and fruitless Apple care sessions and (3) suffered a debilitating financial blow to the goals of the non-profit I manage helping children called 12 Habits of Wonderful People – while I "worked for Apple" nearly full time on my software/hardware "LEMON". Oh, and did I mention that I am 73.

Today, 11/14/15, my computer is still a lemon, with sometimes annoying, sometimes debilitating glitches showing up every day. Last week I sent an email to every officer and board member through Apple's PR email and got some corporate woman who refused to anything else but provide additional phone support – the definition of insanity in my case. My life's work is trapped on an Apple operating system – I don't know how, at this point, I would try to transfer 25 years of work and learn to use Microsoft's systems on a Windows-based computer. I am depressed and sick inside at what I have experienced from one of the financially largest, but customer-orientation smallest companies I have ever dealt with. I read that of all the big companies they are one of the least altruistic as well.

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