Hi i have an iphone 5s i have escalated the issue with higher authorities with apple care but nothing seems to work, so i thought of writing it to you. I submitted my device having battery issue o 28th September 2015, the service center handed the device back to me by 2nd oct by restoring it to factory settings, now i was pretty much sure this dint fixed the problem, so i told him that 28th sept was my last day of warranty n this device was not getting fixed by factory reset option, he told me he is giving me 30 days, if i face the same problem again i can bring it back to the store, so i knew it wasnt fixed, i used it just to make sure, on 15th oct i took it back to the store, they denied of giving me any such word and also told it was against apple policies they ccant do anything like that, being in a frustrated situation i called apple care to escalate, after 10 mins, one guy from the store comes to me and tells me to submit the device, and we will take in warranty, now i dint believed his words as they had already shown their true colors, so i told the guy over the phone to document everything (this was on 15th oct itself, apple care agent must have everything documented on this date), after confirmation from him i submitted the handset and they did nothing to my phone and 3rd of november i get a call from store that i need to pay 22k to get my device fixed as warranty was over, i told them to give back the device to me as m not paying 22k. I went to collect the device, they gave back the device in a switched off state told to charge it at home. Now the screen has a black dot. This is not how i submitted the device with a mark on the screen. Now the supervisors tell me they are investigating and its been more then 1 week. They promise call backs and never call me back. Also 1 more thing i wanna share is the reason why i had to pay 22k is that there was water damage in my phone as per store, now i was pretty sure never ever was a moment when i was so careless to let the phone drop in water or use it in rains, store told me all the litmus papers are red in the handset, so i went to a different apple auth service center which is near my college to confirm the same, they said they cant take the phone in warranty but they can check if the information given was correct or not. They said the litmus is still white, i feel played with my device no other options that i see to fix this situation, i cant live with this black dot on my screen as this wasnt how i submitted the device, if it was my mistake then i wouldnt question at all, but they have ruined it everythng giving false commitments and creating drama. Also the supervisors are waiting from the first store to send the images of litmus being red in the device, they havnt sent any as they will not have.

1st store is b2x: lake city mall, thane

2nd store is rsg infotech: tardeo, mumbai central

next thing i make sure – me, my close friends (who know how apple treats their customers) and my family doesnt buys an apple product may that be any damn apple thing.

hope you get this feedback, as i have posted all over internet warning other innocent people to be targeted by apple.



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