I bought my Apple iMac four years ago, and love the computer. As an older adult woman, I have found it very helpful to belong to One-to-One in order to learn what was needed for me to enjoy my computer to the utmost. One-to-One is a marvelous service for your customers, and a great sales tool for selling new computers, especially to older adults. Now I hear you will be discontinuing One-to-One. That is devastating to me, as I am sure I could never have learned as much on my own, nor in workshops. Workshops are great for younger folks, but for us older users, we often need more. One-to-One has given me that. I don't know how many people I have told about One-to-One, and said what a god-send it has been for me. People have been amazed that at 80 years old, I produced an iMovie with voice-over and music. I told them I couldn't have done it without an Apple Computer and the help of the One-to-One classes. I believe I have convinced many people to buy a MAC for their next computer.

Please reconsider eliminating One-to-One. I'm not sure I would ever buy another computer if I didn't have such a wonderful service to help me learn my way around the new computer.

Thank you,

Joanna Olson

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