I am the POA and caretaker of an elderly aunt who is currently wheelchair-bound. She has been in the same wheelchair for over a year and it is really starting to look run down and worn. I called Apria Healthcare and AFTER 9 weeks of daily phone calls, I finally get an appointment for someone to come and assess her current chair and hopefully provide a new one. This past Friday 11/6 was supposed to be the appointment – I took day off work and spent with my aunt at her Assisted Living, waiting.

After the 3-hour delivery window passed I then called. First I got a young man in India – he barely spoke English and understood even less. I tried again – this time I got a young lady – again she could not answer any questions, only told me the times of the appointment (which were OVER). I asked for a manager, after 45 minutes of remaining on hold, a woman by the name of Carol comes on. I go through all info again, she tells me that the appointment was never for 11/6 – the chair that we were interested in was on back order and wouldn't even be in the US until 11/16. She said they will just deliver it on that date.

I explain that it cannot just be delivered, we need someone to do assessment and make sure this is still the correct chair for my aunt… Plus this was an Asst. Living, I would need to be there to sign paperwork. I asked how we can set up another date for the appointment. I was told there is no setting appointments – they just drop off equipment. When I then asked to speak to this person's manager, I got another runaround. How can i talk to a person that can actually help me??? This company is the worst!!!

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