I booked at Aquanzi lodge Fourways.

When I arrived, one friend was already there waiting for me. I checked in. By "check in" I mean I put down my information – my name, surname and contact details. That's all!
On Aquanzi Lodge's quotation, Website and invoice there is no indication that I can't have friends coming to my suite or anything about zero friends allowed in the rooms. This crucial information would have played an important role prior to making my decision to book the place.
I booked a self-catering executive suite with a lounge area, big enough to enjoy and be able to have a meeting or visitors.
When two of my girlfriends arrived and I was asked what we will be doing in the suite, this was very strange! What happens inside is my business. I can't tell the manager that I'm hugging a friend or on my phone with my partner who's joining me to stay over as per my booking.

I was quickly told that we can't take pictures inside the room and I was not allowed to have my friends over in the rooms. I understand that Aquanzi lodge holds the rights to the premises, but if there's an issue with my presence that does not invade guests in the lodge or compromise anyone then I deserve to be reimbursed and leave the lodge.

Natalie, the owner of the place, told me I would not be getting a cent and my partner won't be allowed on the premises. If you can't let in my partner and also refuse to give me my money, we have a problem!

Within an hour in the room, she had to see the room/suite. When I questioned how are we dirty, then we were called porn stars! We were going to be shooting porn!!! We went back and fourth about the fact that the terms and conditions do not stipulate that I can't have friends visiting me or I should not take any pictures in the room! I was shortly after that called a Kaffir who can't read! My point was unless terms are stipulated then whatever she was saying does not apply and I am entitled to my money if I'm getting zero hospitality.
Natalie from Aquanzi's reasoning was based on the colour of our skin and the fact that we had a gay friend with us. I have never thought that in 2016, in my own country, I would be discriminated against and because of the colour of my skin I would be defined as a dirty black porn star!

Five minutes later two big men came in the suite shouting that we should leave. While this was happening we were called all sorts of names, to a point of being threatened to get slapped. At this stage Natalie (Aquanzi Lodge self proclaimed owner) grabbed my friend's phone to damage it as we were taking a video of the scene.

The owner of Aquanzi Lodge violently touched my friend and grabbed her phone. This was no longer about the names she's been calling us and it was no longer about my money that they were refusing to pay back. It was about the owner touching our friend, grabbing the phone and almost damaging it, if we were not determined to defend ourselves.

We tried to call legal support, while also trying to get the refund, which we eventually received, but the abuse, public humiliation and hate speech we received is beyond human comprehension.
This was justified as "people say things when they are angry" by one of the management team.

While one staff member, a black lady, said: "I apologize on their behalf". However, non of the Aquanzi lodge management team have extended any apology for the assault and insults. #notyetuhuru #Powerbusemustfall #racismmustfall

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