While at the Arby's on 89 in Bountiful, Utah today, Friday, November 20 at about 1:10 P.M., while waiting for my order, I watched the girl behind the counter drop a whole package of cup lids on the floor, sweep them all into a pile, then restack them and put them back in the lid rack. I said something about it and was brushed off. As I was already late for work, I left, but it shocked me that anyone would think it was ok to so that. I didn't get her name, but she was a young Latino girl with a long, dark ponytail.

When I got to my destination and tried to eat my lunch the bun was completely stale on my beef and cheddar and the sandwich itself was almost inedible. I've never had a problem at this location before, but felt that this is incident needed to be reported.

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