APS charges rates that vary throughout the day and have no limits or guidelines and are completely unverifiable. Worse, from the time they print the bill, you have 13 days to pay. Late twice in a 12 month period and your deposit more than doubles. So, if there is a holiday and you pay by check via mail, there is absolutely not way to pay the bill on time. This is the largest company scam in the state of Arizona. They justify it by saying there is a 13 day grace period, but that doesn't ally to you if you've been late… What is happening in the state of Arizona? And how could a rational legislative body allow a company to abuse it's power like this?!! Bill printed out on Oct. 28th, payment due Nov. 10th… That is eight business days for it to be mailed, received and paid! God help you if you go on vacation at the wrong time.

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