I was on Armour for over 2 years after some horrible side effects on levothyroxine and then not enough results, tracked down a doc for Armour. All was well until the summer 2014. Suddenly felt totally off and not myself. TSH suddenly went from 1-2 to 4! It was sudden. Anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia… Couldn't figure out what was wrong. I stumbled across this page and was shocked! Validated maybe? I pretty much demanded to change to nature-throid. Day 4 of it and so far so good. I won't know for a while if this helps. It all fade but after reading so many with my same issues I'm hopeful. I am also mad. If it's found they changed Armour, raised prices and messed with people's well being, I hope we can find a way for them to pay for that hassle!!

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