What's worse? Thinking you are losing your mind or knowing that you aren't but can't do a thing about your symptoms… Armour saved my life. I had a total thyroidectomy for previously undiagnosed thyroid disease/cancer in 2012. I knew I was sick; wasn't sure from what and the docs didn't believe me. My thyroid was the size of a baseball when it came out w / 4/6 malignant nodules. Post surgery – I could not function on the Levothyroxine. After 8 months, my endo changed my script to Armour. Armour was a life giving godsend until a few months ago. Started with extreme muscle pain particularly in the legs/IT bands in September. Chiropractor and massage therapist couldn't explain the muscle contractions.

In October, the extreme tiredness returned – some days I could not get out of bed before 11:00 A.M. I am a type A full-time employed person that throws dinner parties for 20 friends consisting of 15 apps/entrees and desserts made by me from scratch. Hair started falling out; texture is frizzy and dry.in November (current month), the agitation returned. Little things send me over the edge. The intolerance for the cold came back – it was 62 degrees in N. E. Today. I could barely stand it. Podiatrist sent me to a neurologist because of the way my feet and legs contract when I walk. I hired a personal trainer for the first time and started weekly sessions: 2 lbs 4 lbs 9 lbs – nothing in my closet fits. Edges of eyebrows are thinning. Hair is a disaster. My face is bloated. Sliding into that hideous void of depression and hopelessness.

I started thinking "thyroid" a few weeks ago but dismissed it as my levels as tested were 'great' last month. This evening I Googled Armour and found this information. I am devastated. Why bother? I can't lifestyle my thyroid back. There's no nutritional plan or positive thinking that is going to fix this. My thyroid is in a medical waste dump somewhere and the medicine I need to live isn't working. Where is the FDA?

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