Never buy from artscow!!! I I placed an order for a wall clock. It took notably longer to receive than they told me that it would. When I received the clock, I noticed right away that it was losing time. I changed batteries thinking that maybe my batteries were bad. It just got worse. After a few weeks I noticed that it was stopping at the 9 for several seconds at a time. It seemed obvious that I got a defective clock where the gears were defective.

As a result, I contacted customer service in Texas. They were absolutely terrible. They said that if they were not contacted within 5 days that they would not do anything about it. Yes, their warranty period is 5 days! Even though I explained the situation that it never did work right, they simply replied that they had to be notified within 5 days. They refused to even give me a contact where I could buy the parts to fix it. They were horrible. So I have a wall clock that never has worked and they refuse to help me in any way. This is a terrible company and I would never buy or advise anyone to buy from them. Look for a supplier who won't stick it to you like they stuck it to me!!!

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