I was a customer of Arvixe for over 2 months. I signed up and prepaid 2 years of service. A long-term agreement for web-hosting company. The first month, I spent time setting up my website. Just when I was about to go live with it the web-hosting server it was hosted on (shared) went down and was down for 4 days. I contacted Arvixe support, multiple times, via phone, Internet and email. At first I got the, "we are having issues." I get that so, okay. That's fine. After the website was accessible, all my data was GONE. I inquired about the backups. They said they were unrecoverable and sorry. Ok. I'll just rebuild the site once more, once I started again.

The web server (shared) that has my website on it, went down again and stayed down for over a week. I kept getting the go around… Over and over and over. To the point, I didn't get a response from the company until 2 weeks later. AMAZING! I even decided out of good faith, to try once again to give it ago. I started having permission issues after uploading everything and none of the plug-ins were working. I was so frustrated. Issues on top of issues! I filed a complaint with the BBB and wanted my money back. This was completely unacceptable. A new customer that can't access anything nor get any support! Unbelievable. I say, avoid this company with your life. Do not, I repeat do not even consider them as a prospect. There are just way too many options out there, with far better service!

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