I own a small business in Illinois. Ascentium Capital supposedly financed 15 GPS units to us. The GPS service was billed through T-Mobile. An ex-employee, without permission from me, the owner, signed a financing contract with Ascentium Capital for $18, 000.00 for these 15 units. I contacted T-Mobile who states they have nothing to do with Ascentium Capital and T-Mobile does not outsource their financing. BTW, the GPS units are $75.00 each, so Ascentium capital charged $18, 000.00 for what should have been a $1125.00 purchase. I have tried contacting Ascentium Capital and it is always a voice mail telling you to call a cell number. The cell is disconnected. Erik Salyer is supposedly the manager of our account even though his phone is disconnected. So not only did I get scammed by Ascentium Capital, but by our office manager, Bradley Young who forged my name on the application and $450.00 application fee.

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