I think the flexibility is great with the school, and most of the faculty and instructors have been very helpful at times. I have chosen to withdrawal from the school because of several issues I have been having in my personal life. When first enrolling, my first academic advisor was extremely helpful and supportive, helped keep me on track. Then I received a new advisor, and for 2 semesters, I had reached out to him for support, information, etc. Even recently the need to with withdrawal because of health issues in which I needed to dedicate more time to and take care off. After my attempts, I heard no response. Yet I would get emails regarding my attendance, or announcements, if I responded to those emails, there was still no response.

So what I am having to do is contact the school, to contact his supervisor to ask for my withdrawal to be processed before my class ends because if not it will state I have failed. I have offered to provide the school any/all medical documentation if needed. Still waiting on a response. The lack of support from my advisor has definitely discouraged me from attending the school.

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