My main problem was being lied to and mislead about financial aid. 3 Weeks into my first class I was finally able to see my reward letter and wasn't happy with the numbers. At this time it was too late to leave the school because I still would've been charged so I decided to finish the classes. Ok, with my Pell grant and two different loans, I was certain that I could receive a decent amount of money to take care of my family. I was pregnant at the time and couldn't work full time any more so financially I depended on the money from school like most people.

I spoke to my advisor immediately and explain my frustration about being funded over $7,000 and only receiving $1,800 because 4 classes cost over $5,000. So that also meant I would be up to $10,000 in debt by the second semester. Just imagine how much in debt I'll be in by 2019. You tell me how a person was supposed to stretch out $1800 for 5 months with a family of 3. I could all day about what my advisor and the financial department had to say, just know they were all lies and I wish I NEVER attended this school.

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