Hello My Name is Sal Hernandez and I am very disappointed with your service. Although the deliver personnel are subcontractors I consider is your job to ensure their professionalism.

I bought some furniture about 2-3 weeks ago and the items were delivered about a week or so. However, one of the two items (sofa) was damaged so the deliver guys took it back… No issues so far – just a damaged piece of furniture.

Today, Sunday November 15, around 1:00PM the deliver personnel showed up to deliver the pending piece. I asked one of the guys to please use "booties" as we take care of our house – his response was a very unpleasant "we don't any any" – so I asked to remove the shoes inside the house – his reply " then you will be responsible if I get hurt" – Next, I offered him to use some plastic bags over the shoes and I will provide the plastic bags. So in a very unprofessional way he accepted.

Next, I showed him where to place the sofa to be delivered – I myself moved center and corner tables to make the deliver easy on them – however, I asked to move the sofa that was delivered before to a different place about 5 feet from where it was – this is something I asked the last guys if it was possible to do as they left the first sofa in a different place. Next, this new person response was "we do not move anything" – and I stated this is the sofa Ashley deliver about a week ago, it was supposed to go here (about 3-4 feet away) and the other one was supposed to go there (where the sofa was)… Needless to say, thanks to the people you employ my family will have to STILL sit on the floor for another week or so as we only have one sofa in our living room – I am extremely disappointed with Ashley – I just spent almost $4K with you guys – but I can assure you that if I don't get my sofa right away, I will cancel my purchase and opend my money somewhere else where I get appreciated.

Furthermore, I have tried to reach anyone to let them know and offices are closed — very frustrated.

Sal Hernandez

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