I am in the process of returning the power base bed and mattress that was purchased from Ashley Furniture on August 24,2015. Due to their poor Customer service practices. Please accept this as my written claim during this matter. Sept 7th I received an automated call stating the delivery would be set for 1-4pm. I did not receive a call from Ashley's stating they were delivering the bed early. I received a text from my elderly mom stating Ashley's arrived at my home 11:52 A.M. By the time I arrived at 12:40P.M. The drivers were gone. My old mattress and box spring was taken to be disposed of as I agreed previously. The problem began when the set up of the base was 2 different colors and fabric. One side of the railing was left off and the base was cocked to fit, leaving the other side of the rail off the head board/foot board.

I would not have agreed to the delivery based on the conditions nor would I have agreed for them to take my old mattress and box spring being I was dissatisfied. I went to the store and spoke with Barbara and she stated the store manager Tobin was not available until Thurs. And asked if she could help. I explain to her what had happened and my dissatisfaction. I also showed her pictures of the job. She suggested that I could get rid of my headboard and footboard to make the power base fit. I expressed to her that wasn't an option. Sept 9th I received a voicemail from Tobin, the store manager, stating he would do ANYTHING to work out this matter and was very apologetic. I called back and Tobin scheduled someone to come out to look at the job.

Sept 11 Tim from Ashley's Furniture investigation team came out and took measurements and pictures of the base of the bed. Tim stated King instead California King base would fit based on the measurements. He also discovered the mix match bases. The King bases were then ordered and set for delivery for Sept 19th. Sept 19th The King bases were delivered along w / my mother bedroom set minus the base of her bed she had ordered. The driver stated that the bases were on back order. So I contacted Ashley's customer care and the rep mentioned the drivers don't know what is in their delivery until the day of. The delivery driver removed the Calif King bases. Put a dent in the left side of my wall up the staircase. I express to the driver that he just dented the wall. He apologized and continued to move the bases downstairs.

I contacted Ashley's customer care AGAIN and spoke w/Lisa. She informed me that the delivery charges would be reimbursed on my order as well as my mother and a gift card of $500 would be mailed. She asked if I could send her a picture of the damages to the wall so it could be forwarded to the delivery team. Per her request it was completed. Sept 21st I received a call from Ben from xpo and was asked to email an estimate from my painter and he would get in contact to settle the matter by the end of the week. Per Ben's request the estimate/invoice of the damages was sent on Sept 22nd. NO call from Ben on Fri. So I called Mon Sept 28th and left a voicemail message. I called Sept 29, Sept 30th, and Oct 1st. I then called Tobin the store manager at Ashley's to negotiate the cost of the bed for my troubles.

Being I was frustrated with the process and was considering returning the purchase, he said he would call back. Patricia salesperson called back and offered to take $1000 off the total price of the bed. She also upgraded my mother base for her trouble. Oct 6th I spoke to Ben. He mentioned he didn't receive my email for the estimate of the damages to the wall. I explained to him it was delivered and wasn't a returned email. He then stated he found it. I then requested the name of his supervisor and phone number. He gave me Brian and his phone number. I called Brian. He stated he would need to have a contractor come out to look at the damages due to the cost of the estimate. Brian said he would set something up by the end of that week. NO CALL from Brian or Ben.

Oct 18th I go to the Ashley store and speak with Tobin and asked if he would schedule a pick up to return the my total purchase since I no longer have a desire to have it. He stated he wasn't going to allow me to return it and I need to refer to my contract due to bases and mattresses are non refundable so I left the store. Oct 19th I called Customer Care and spoke with Claudia. She transferred me to Joyce her supervisor. Joyce said she would have someone from the xpo delivery team call. Albert called and asked if I could email pictures of the damage and invoice/estimate. He stated he would schedule someone to come out by the end of the week.

Per his request I emailed him the estimate and pictures of the dent. He sent a email back and said he didn't receive the picture of the dent but did receive the estimate so I resent the email of the pictures of the dent the same day to.in conclusion I am totally dissatisfied with the Customer Service I received from Ashley's Furniture and Would NEVER recommend any business if they were the last furniture store standing.

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