I bought furniture from Ashley Furniture. When they delivered I told the guy delivering the furniture that the furniture smelled and he said he didn't smell anything. When they left, I immediately called the company and told them this furniture smelled bad, and another piece had scratches and parts missing. They told me to open the windows and air out the furniture. I should have had the guys take back the furniture when they delivered it. They told me to call on Friday if it still smelled. I called the following day and told them the smell was burning my eyes. They told they were sending someone next Wednesday to evaluate the furniture. They continued to ignore me that the smell was burning my eyes. I called different people and they would tell me to call someone else. I wasn't sitting on the living room anymore.

On Sunday evening my daughter in law and I sat down to watch a movie and turned on the heater. Our eyes were burning so bad. I called the next day and told them this is a health hazard. And they said they would pick up the furniture in 72 hours. I called the corporate office and explained, "If I was calling about the wrong color or something defective I can see you taking your time but if someone calls and tells you it affecting their health the company should react immediately." Today is Monday and they told me they are picking up the furniture on Wednesday. I want to cancel.

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