I have telephoned Ashley Furniture at least 8 times. Each time, my wait time was between 15-25 minutes. That is ridiculous. The last time I called to speak with a manager, I was not allowed to speak with one for over 50 minutes. I kept explaining to the representative that I needed to talk to a manager and not her. She placed me on hold for over 35 minutes. The customer service is completely unacceptable!!!

I purchased a sectional sofa and after 2 months, the side of the sofa cracked in half. When I looked at the arm after the technician came to repair and took the fabric off, I realized the sofa is made out of some kind of cheap compressed wood. Why would a company make a sofa that must require a lot of weight distribution out of virtual particle board? The sofa is made out of crappy material and I know after this arm is repaired, something else will fall apart. I will never shop with them again. I don't care how much of a discount they offer.

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