I purchased $1500 worth of living room items. About a week later, I hear on radio that Faith Farm stores sell Ashley Furniture discontinued items at a discount. What a "Shocker". Exact same items I paid for were $360 dollars less. Ryan "general manager" who was no help after 3 days or so, I got him the prices, SKU numbers and pictures of this furniture from FF. He then gave the run around. Corp has to decide if I get any discounts. He didn't even know that FF sells and advertises Ashley furniture.

I wouldn't mind if they did but actual discontinued items not the same as Ashley sells. I asked for some kind of discount, I was willing to work with him. He then tells me because I did a 18 month credit card that the salesperson offered, that the store would lose money. Who tells that to a customer? It's cheap "made in China furniture" that is overpriced. Ryan has no customer skills in keeping a customer happy. Great job Ryan on losing good customers. I paid off my card and cancelled. Go to Faith Farm before you would actually shop here.

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