I went to Ashley Furniture to buy a queen sofa. The color I wanted was not available so I selected another color. It was to be delivered the 25th of that month. On the 24th, I received a call telling me the couch I ordered had need damaged and the replacement would be delivered in 3 weeks, but I should check in regularly because sometimes they come in early. So the delivery from the original date was a month late. The customer service rep told me they would give me a $100 in store credit. Remember the part about calling in early, I did and it was in stock. I was so relieved, but they refused to deliver it until the new date they had provided.

The couch arrived and I went to put the queen sheets on it, but they sent a regular sleeper size, not a queen. I gave away a brand new set of Queen sheets and purchased full-size sheets. I loved the color of the couch in the room. Unfortunately, anytime my skin comes in contact with the sofa, I have a serious allergic reaction. They had me come to pick out another sofa. I did and made certain it was a queen sleeper.in writing up the order, I asked that they apply the $100 in store credit. They had no record of it.in the end, they took away the 15% sale price I had on the original and gave me the in-store credit. When I did the math, I realized by doing this, they actually charged me more by not giving the 15% discount too.

In delivering the couch, the delivery men whined and complained. They tried to take the old couch out without removing the couch feet and ultimately got the couch stuck at the door and tried forcing it, putting a crease in the steel door. They finally decided it might help to remove the couch feet. Then they grabbed the new couch and despite my recommendation to remove the feet, tried to jam the couch through, again getting it stuck. They stopped to remove the feet and moved it into the room. Once they got passed the door handle, I realized they damaged the electronic keypad used for entry by tearing off digit 5.

I pointed out the damage and asked if the delivery men were bonded. They didn't know making the response a no. The next day I called the store about the damage and asked again if the delivery guys are bonded. Customer service did not know but assured me Management would be calling me the next day. Two days later, no call. And for the final punchline, I'm severely allergic to this couch too. There must be some spray they apply to the fabric.

In summary, Ashley Furniture cheated me financially, lied to me, prioritized sales that came in after mine because it was convenient for them and the list goes on and on. Even worse, I have a brand new couch my skin can't touch without blistering. When it comes to money, I think of it as voting. If you want to take a great deal of risk with a company like Ashley Furniture, spend your money there but be prepared to deal with issues or use your money to vote anywhere else. When Ashley Furniture realizes their sales are down, they can read these blogs and start focusing on having exceptional integrity from the top down and improve customer service by allowing them to make commitments the company will honor. I'm 51 years old and have serious health issues. I don't need Ashley Furniture, but they need customers.

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