In January 2015 I purchased a leather, power recliner, couch and a matching chair recliner. $3000 in price. Plus they make you get the service contract which does not cover peeling, for additional money. I told the salesman I wanted real heavy duty leather as I have dogs. Within 4 months I noticed the seat cushions were peeling, sent pics and refused to pay on my account until they were replaced. It took the technician over 4 hrs to replace them. Would have been cheaper to just replace the couch in my opinion.

Now a few months later the arm rests are peeling as well as the back rest cushions, also the couch is discolored and looks like it is stretched out of shape. This couch is not even paid for and already it is ready for the dump. My old leather couch which is 10 years old is in better shape than this one ever has been. I am so sorry I bought this and will NEVER buy from Ashley again. I am closing out my account with them. Totally dissatisfied. They sell poor quality products.

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